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Season 1 Memorable Phrases

Alert! The La Femme Nikita TV Series DVD from Season One is out! This is a must have to add to your LFN collection!

Nikita - Hello? Michael- Josephine*

Michael-A woman with your looks, who can kill in cold blood...
Nikita-I didn't, I didn't kill anyone!

Michael- We start tomorrow morning at 5 a.m. Nikita- And if I don't want to? Michael-Row 8, Plot 30.

Nikita- I'm not a killer. Michael- The moment I believe that Nikita you're cancelled.

Madeline-You can learn to shoot.....fight...but there's no weapon as powerful as your femininity.

Ops- If she fails you fail.

Ops- Michael about Nikita. Michael-What about her?
Ops- She lacks..discipline.

Ops- Cancel her.


Birkhoff- Okay it's been 8 hours! You'd think he would have called by now.

Nikita- Up yours, Birkoff! Birkoff-Anytime babe! My #'s in the book.

Michael- You don't have to like the job just do it!

Nikita- Not enough to lie to them, gotta lie to each other too.

Chandler- I want a car...Michael- (pause)..No.

Nikita- Lots of those children are worth THOUSANDS of your next levels.

Nikita-...You're here late. Walter- I'm a driven man, Nikita ...


Nikita- Do I have to love, honour and obey? Michael- Just..obey..


Nikita- Why? Michael-Hester killed Simone. Nikita-Who's Simone? Michael-My wife.

Nikita- It's Simone. Michael-What!...Get to your exit point..I'm going to need you.

Sparks- Emotion spawns genuises. Nikita-Emotion blurs judgment.

Michael- My love...I would have never stopped looking for you..I would never'd stopped loving you...


Nikita- I said stop it!..Miyovich- You?...a body guard?...(shouts of pain) all right,all right, I believe you...

Ops- Nikita continues to break Section code...


Nikita- You can frisk me, if you want.

Madeline-You're a good Operative, Nikita. Don't let your humanity get in the way.


Ops- I have no intention on failing this one.

Michael- I'm sorry it had to come to that. Nikita- Don't be...I'm getting used to how things are.

Nikita- Michael,for however long she lives...let her believe.


Michael- Good morning. How's everything?

Michael- Then we could have that cup of coffee, or a drink. Nikita- all right. Michael- no need to leave the apartment. Whatever you have would be fine. Nikita- Well, what if I'm out of everything? Michael- That would be fine, too.

Michael- We fight all the time,just to stay alive. Let's not fight what's between us. Let's take what we can get.

Madeline- Is it his life you want to know...or his heart? Nikita- Does he even have a heart?

Madeline- Some men can only love once. Whether Michael's like that or not I don't really know.

Nikita- Are you trying to seduce me?

Walter- I'm going to have to search you. Nikita-Go ahead! Walter- Brat!

Nikita- This is one big manipulation...why bother?

Nikita- Cancel me! I'd rather be dead than be watched like an animal in the zoo.


Nikita- Madeline,where do you go when you leave here?... answer? Madeline- I don't know...I haven't (given an answer) yet.

Madeline- Your relationship with us is the only real relationship you'll ever have.


Walter- You can do anything you want to me and it can last for more than a minute.

Madeline- The world outside these walls are just an illusion..We're ghosts.

Michael- You'll be surrounded. Valerie- Remember, I'm not the target. Michael-Duck.

Michael- Is there a problem?

Michael- You still believe in free will, in here there's no such thing.

Nikita- You got jealous of Gray, because I love him and not you. Michael- You don't love me?

Ops-...What we do here is to try and insure the safety of every man, woman and child in this so called civilized world...


Petrosian-...I should thank you too. Your "incompetence" allowed the rescue mission to take place..


Birkoff- Hey technology is beautiful.

Nikita-...just prefer the real world. Birkoff- yeah, which part, the lies or all the idiots?

Nikita- I think I'll just leave you two alone.

Ops- Take him to Birkoff. Rudy- Who's, who's Birkoff, who is that? Is he the Big Cheese?

Ops- If I'm killed, implement the chain of command.


Madeline- Sometimes I don't know if I'm still strong enough to do this...Nikita- You're the strongest person I've ever met.

Madeline- I'll see you in the morning.

Nikita- Why are you here? Madeline- To remember...who I was.


Michael- I thought you knew me better... Nikita- It's funny you should say that....because I don't know you at all.

Nikita- I don't want to be someone's judge, jury and executioner. Walter- Yeah, and I don't want to build bombs!

Michael- Confirm identity.


Michael-You're free. Nikita's not, and I'm not, but you are.


Nikita- I want a life.

Ops-You can ask for anything else and it's yours...but not your freedom.

Ops- Nobody leaves the Section, you know that.

Birkoff- Oh oh, another MIA nutcase.

Nikita- I want out...I want freedom. Ops- Ask for something else.


Nikita-...I'm a secret government agent and I'm working right now, and you're in my way...Jay-You show me your gun and I'll show you mine. Nikita- can't do that, 'gainst regulations...

Birkoff- Hold your position.

Birkoff- Okay,proceed.

Birkoff- What do you think I do, play computer games all day? (as he pushes the gamestick away!)

Nikita- Birkoff you've got it backwards. Death is easy you don't have to do anything. It's life you have to face.


Madeline- I've been expecting you.

Walter- What's shakin, sugar?

Nikita- Thanks for the binoculars. Walter- Anytime. Anyplace, any position.

Cop- What is this place? Michael- This is Section One. This is where you'll train,this is where you'll learn...Cop- What if I refuse your generous offer?

Michael- That option no longer exists.

Madeline- You're one of us. Nikita- I'll never be one of you.


Michael- I don't know what love is anymore....but the only part of me that is not dead is you.

Michael- When I was in there and it started to get bad.....I thought of're the only one of us that still has a soul...

Michael- It wasn't all a lie.


Nikita- Thereis no bad guy here. Michael- There are always bad guys Nikita.


Walter- What's cookin' sugar?


Nikita- Aren't we done? Michael- Not yet. Nikita-Not yet? Michael-After this dance.

Nikita- I don't know if I can do this anymore. I don't know how I ever did.

Michael- I can't protect you anymore. Nikita- I never asked for your protection. Michael-Without it you'd be dead now. Nikita- You seem to care more about that than I do.

Michael- I wish things could be different. Nikita- Me too.

End of Season One.

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*Josephine taken from Richie's La Femme Nikita Site (the only one not mine)