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Season 2 Memorable Phrases

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Hard Landing
Michael- Thought I lost you......Nikita- You never had me.

Nikita- This isn't freedom. This isn't freedom.

Michael- After the explosion I started to believe you didn't make it out in time...thought you were dead. When I saw you in Lyon, you brought me back. Never realized I needed you so much.

Madeline- For the next 3 days you will be subjected to an intense debriefing. You will cooperate with us because you know how things are done here. When we are done with will be cancelled. Any questions?

Michael- Sometimes all we have is our dreams.

Spec Ops

Nikita- I came back...for you.

Michael- Get over it.

Jurgen- You won't need to worry about the Section. You need to worry about me.

Madeline- The doctors say that you're going to live. That's the bad news. There is no good news.

Madeline- A bond between two agents isn't always such a bad thing.

Operation- This level of betrayal is unacceptable.

Michael- You just signed our death warrant.

Nikita- He's different. Michael- Different from what? Nikita- Different from you.

Third Person

Walter- He's in what I call the 5% club. Nikita- Dare I ask what that might be? Walter- 95% of the recruits have their souls sucked out of them the first year. For some reason, this place doesn't get everybody. He's one of us.

Jurgen- People on the outside; they're not freer than we are.

Michael- This is not a training session. This is a mission. I'm in charge.

Jurgen- You want me dead, do it yourself.

Madeline- There's been entirely too much externalizing of emotion lately.

Operations- If you continue to perform like this, we'll get along fine.

Approaching Zero

Nikita- It's not about getting out anymore. Madeline- What is it? Nikita- Having a better life.

Nikita- Patented Michael answer "The Blank Stare".

Jurgen- I can't live that way...I never could.

Michael- I have to keep my feelings separate. That's how I live my life, Nikita...split in two. I never let anyone else see the other half but it's there...always a part of me.

New Regime

Michael- Am I under orders to please you?

Nikita- I will be at the mercy of Madeline. Petrosian- Mercy is not exactly her strong suit.

Nikita- If I'm dealing with the devil...that's because sometimes the devil's the only one open for business.

Mandatory Refusal

Birkoff- All teams, we've been breached! Michael's exposed, get to him!

Michael- I can't allow you to become my weakness.

Half Life

Michael- To me his actions are that of a friend.

Rene (pointing the gun at Michael)- You once said a person defines themselves by what they are willing to die for. I will die for a belief. You will die because you have none.

Nikita- Disengage. Let the Section sort this out.

Darkness Visible

Note: Didn't find any phrases in this episode that I liked.

Open Heart

Walter- I'm a rebel.

Jenna- You talk in your sleep. Who's Michael? Nikita- My brother.

First Mission

Ops- You'll be leading a mission. Assess, plan, prep, field command. It's 3 years ahead of the usual curve but it can't be helped you'll learn as you go. We'll give you what help we can but in the end you'll be judged by the same standards as everyone else.

Birkoff- Full report. On Michael's desk. Midnight.

Walter- I guess if someone wants to die one reason is as good as another. Personally, being in love always made me want to live. Nikita- But if you knew in the end you couldn't have the one you loved? Walter- I guess that it all depends on what you value more...the journey....or the destination.

Nikita- Walter sometimes I don't know if you're incredibly wise or just really full of crap.

Birkoff- You can't afford another failure.

Nikita- When I talk everyone shut up and listen.

Ops- You'll have to keep trying until you succeed.

Ops- You still don't understand what you're dealing with, do you? You think you're the only beacon of decency in an insane world.

Psychic Pilgrim

Nikita- Michael? Michael- Yes? Nikita- I love you. Michael- I love you too.

Nikita- Now I've never expected your support. But I do expect your love.

Madeline- The average couple who have been married under five years have intimate relations at least twice a week. Also I would suggest a small argument...perhaps about finances or in-laws. Nikita- Right.

Birkoff- (regarding Madeline) Is she okay? Ops- Why do you ask? Birkoff- She seems out of it lately. If I didn't know her better I'd think she was almost...Ops- What? Birkoff- Sad.

Michael- You know a lot about me, Nikita, but not everything. There are things that have to remain hidden. It has nothing to do with how I feel about you.

Soul Sacrifice

Ops- How do you think you're doing? Nikita- I get the job done more quickly than most. But I do have a more unorthodox approach. Something which is frowned upon by the Section. Ops- Not by the Section. By me. If you were me, what would you recommend I do about that? Nikita- I'd give me some time off. Say, the next forty years?

Terry- It's always best to make friends outside of Section. Nikita- (thinking of Michael) Not always.

Walter- (in an exhuberant tone) Hi Sugar! How you're doing! Aint this a gorrrgeous night or what?

Not Was

Ops- In case you have forgotten...this is a military organization. There is a chain of command and a protocol for speaking to superiors. I will accept a certain leeway from time to time when emotions run high, but not always.

Madeline- Trust me. You do not have the strength to withstand the pain our technology can inflict. Will you cooperate now, or will you force me to modify you?

Michael- I must be a real jerk. Nikita- Actually, yeah.

Nikita- Trust your instincts.

Michael- Have I ever told you that I love you? Nikita- Actually, no. Michael- I do.

Double Date

Birkoff- You can trust me. Michael- If you betray me, I'll kill you. Birkoff- That's why you can trust me.

Michael- You do what you have to do.

Nikita- You know, you're either insane or the cruelest man who ever lived.

Fuzzy Logic

Birkoff- Are you an idiot?

Birkoff- Bonehead!

Birkoff- What's wrong with you people? Why don't you just go home? Worthless. I mean it, get out of here!

Ops- I'm sorry we had to do this. We need your assistance for a short time, then you'll be returned safely home. Greg- You go to hell, I want to talk to the man in charge. Ops- I am the man in charge. Greg- You couldn't be in charge of my crotch.

Birkoff- You know what really bugs me? I was just like him when I was his age, thought I had all the answers.

Nikita- Hey guys! We're in here, we've got your heroin!

Birkoff- I don't know, it's your world, we just live in it.

Old Habits

Note: Didn't find any phrases in this episode that I liked.

Inside Out

Walter- Hey, what's wrong, amigo?

Birkoff- We have a segregation condition. Proceed to containment area. You have 15 seconds. Ops- Birkoff, what's going on? Birkoff- We have a lethal contagen inside Section. We're infected. Computer- Containment procedures in effect. Containment in effect.

Ops- I'd always thought I'd regret the things I've done. Instead I regret the things I didn't do. Madeline- The pain is bad enough. Don't go poetic on me.

Off Profile

Ops- I strongly advise you reconsider. Walter- What are you going to do? Cancel me? Go ahead.

Michael- Would you like to join me for dinner?

Michael- How about a cup of coffee? I'd like to know you better.

Birkoff- He won't put up much of a fight. Most city scientists are pretty lame. I'm an exception.

Michael- I had a great time last night.

Madeline- It's better for Operatives to find relationships that won't affect their work. Your passion for life is very strong, Nikita. It enables you to accomplish things that no one else can. It can also destroy you.

Walter- You of all people are telling me, to lie? Nikita- No, I'm telling you to survive. Walter- Well, I'm really not interested in surviving anymore. What I am interested in is living that's where the real difference is. Oh, hell, I've been hanging around this place too long already. Nikita- Walter, don't talk like that again. Walter- Just what I've always said. You're one of the good ones. Don't change.

Madeline- I've studied his file very carefully. Reviewed his evaluations, assessed his psychological profile in great detail. Ops- And? Madeline- I don't know.

Last Night

Operations- Think of the possibilities. Madeline- It can never be what it was. Operations- It can be more than it is. Madeline- Let's not go into this again. Operations- I can't go on living in twilight. It has to be day or night.

In Between

Walter- Why don't you go out, have a good time, find a man. See? Just thinking about it make you feel better, right?

Walter- Good night, Sugar.

Birkoff- Can I go back to bed now?

Adrians Garden

Adrian- You and I are going to destroy Section One.

Nikita- What is this all about? Adrian- What it's always been about. Small matter of saving the world.

End Game

Birkoff- You're clear to go.

Michael- If there was ever a time you had to trust me, it's now.

Michael- Why? Why? This is your last chance. Our last chance. Where's Adrian? Nikita- I don't know.

Adrian- Operations is out of control and has to be stopped. From this point on, either we destroy Section, or Section destroys us.

Madeline- Fascile's psychology doesn't change the fact that you've lost, Adrian. Adrian- Nor does it change the fact that when you wake up tomorrow morning that you'll be...what you are.

Operations- It's over Nikita. Nikita- It's over, when I say it's over.

Operations- I don't have to justify anything to you. Nikita- Today you do. Section's on trial. Defend it.

Nikita - Operations, is that what it's about, controlling the world? Operations- We will control whatever we have to, to prevent the Dark Ages from descending again upon the human race. Adrian- Choose carefully, Nikita, there'll never be a moment like this in your lifetime.

Adrian - You betrayed me. But the bond between us, was real, wasn't it? Swear, that you'll do everything in your power to keep Section from becoming a place of pure evil.

Nikita - I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid.

End of Season 2.

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