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Season 3 Memorable Phrases

Alert! The La Femme Nikita TV Series DVDs from Season One and Two are out! These are a must have to add to your LFN collection!

Looking for Michael

Michael- It's good to see you again.

Nikita- Is this for real?

Ops- Why is she still alive? Madeline- Apparently we trained her too well.

George- Adrian is very dear to me.  If I discover any harm has come to her, and that Section One played a minor role, I will crush you both(Ops and Madeline), figuratively, and literally.

Someone Else Shadow

Ops-  Any amount of collateral is acceptable if we hit the target.

Misha- She's a good woman.  A strong woman. You'd be proud of her. Vacek- Then you're telling me she was angry. Misha- Disappointed. Vacek- and her husband (Michael)? Misha- It was interesting. There was something in his eyes. Vacek- What? Misha- Power.

Opening Night Jitters

Michael- You're having dinner at my place tonight.

Nikita - Yes? Mick- Hello love. You are looking very Dolce and Gabana. Nikita- Well you're looking very Mick Schtoppell. What are you doing here? Mick- Isn't that the question of the hour. I'm your new neighbor! As in, next door, you know, water the plants, borrow the sugar, eh?

Nikita- Why don't you just cut the drivel and tell me what you want.

Mick- They(Section) use me for my ability to move freely around the world. The French call it "savoir faire" . Nikita- You're a low life informant, Mick. Mick- Ouch, baby.

Gates of Hell

Nikita- I follow the path of my own choosing.

Michael- I've caused you enough pain already.

Nikita- You have to find a reason to live. Michael- Where? Nikita- Wherever you can.

Walter- As it is, all I can do is give you a little advice. You can't give him a reason to live. He has to find that for himself.

Ops- Nice of you to join us. Michael- Thank you.

Nikita- Michael, should we attack? Michael- Why not.

Birkhoff- Think we'd better if we didn't talk to each other for a while, like for the rest of our lives.

Cat and Mouse

Birkoff- I think I love Nikita. Walter- Yeah. Yeah everyone loves Nikita. Birkoff- No no no, I mean, really, love.

Birkoff- We made love. Walter- I don't believe it. Birkoff- Neither do I.

Love and Country

Nikita- I wonder what kind of woman would be married to Operations.

Outside the Box

Birkoff- I'm glad you're around.

Nikita- I've heard you've been a bad boy.

Slipping into Darkness

Nikita- Operations is cold and ruthless but he's not irrational.

Birkoff- Just keep your head down and your mouth shut you'll be fine.

Walter- It doesn't make any sense. One day he's normal the next day he's Dante leading us down the nine circles of hell.

Ops- Failure to act on my direct orders will be considered an act of treason.

Michael- Until you compose yourself, and have a chance to re-evaluate things, perhaps you should take a rest.

Nikita- I'm going to have to stop being so predictable.

Ops- Michael's skills were...impressive. Madeline- Yes, they were. Ops- He may just have what it takes to do this job. Madeline- Your successor? I don't think he has the ambition. Ops- Oh he's got it. He just doesn't know it yet.

Beyond the Pale

Walter- What you looking at, Sugar? Nikita- Just the best part of my day. Walter- Keep on talking like that and I'll forget how old I am.

Solomon- Just so you know how I work here. I don't tolerate mistakes. Walter- Then don't make one bigger than you already have.

Nikita- ...I understand that Michael, I just don't understand why you need me. Michael- I'll need you. I want you.

Nikita- I wish we could stay. Michael- Let's not think of the future. Let's just enjoy this one last.

Nikita- You know it can't be casual between you and me. I can't do that. Michael- I know.

Playing with Fire

Nikita- I think we should proceed with our original plan. Madeline- It's dangerous. Ops- Then proceed with caution.

Birkhoff- I don't see how a relationship between two Operatives can be dangerous.

On Borrowed Time

Walter- Okay, spare me the excerpts from the owner's manual do whatever you're going to do and just get on with it!

Birkoff- I'll get you out of this, somehow, I swear it.

Operations- I'll take it under advisement.

Nikita- Are you going to kill me? Madeline- If we wanted to kill you, we could have done it so easily any time we wished. Nikita- Then why didn't you? Madeline- We asked that question many times.

Madeline- We value what you have. Nikita- What is it that you value that I have? Madeline- Your determination to live life to the fullest. In some ways I envy you.

Nikita- I don't love you anymore.

Michael- I won't let them do this.

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