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Season 4 Memorable Phrases

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Getting Out Of Reverse

Michael- Changed your style. Nikita- Improved my technique. Michael- Only your moves. Nikita- What else is there? Michael- Comes from inside.

Michael- Talk to her. Walter- About what? Michael- Listen to her voice, look in her eyes. Walter- I don't get you Michael. Michael- Just talk to her.

Walter- Just reach out and touch someone.

Walter- Hey, My Sugar. Nikita- One of these days I'm going to figure how someone can be soo...sweet and be so smart. Walter- Don't kid yourself. I'm not that sweet.

There Are No Missions

Nikita- You want me to kill Michael? Madeline- Is that a problem? Nikita- No.

Madeline- Good luck. Dorey- Bitch.

Birkoff- Why don't we see if you have the skillset to do this job.

Nikita- What would you like me to do?

Operations- We can take all the precautions in the world. But this is Michael we're dealing with.

Birkoff- I'm going to introduce you to Walter. Dorey- Who's Walter? He's the guy who's going to issue you a gun, and a single bullet. Because taking your own life is the only way you'll ever get out.

Michael- Do you know who you are? Nikita- Do I know who I am? I'm me, and I love you. Michael- Do you? Or do you want to kill me?

Walter- Hey Amigo, what's up?

Madeline- We need to be careful with any criticism, the program is based on positive reinforcement. Operations- Whatever.

View of the Garden

Operations- I've come here to read your mind. Walter- That'll be a first.

Operations- You're aware that Michael, has effectively declared war on Section? Walter- I'm aware there's a war, but I'm not sure who declared it.

Adrian- My name is Adrian. I founded Section One. I was George's lover and before that his superior before I retired; and these dead men are not Section's Operatives they're mine.

Michael- There was a time we used to care for each other. Nikita- Well that time is gone. Nothing you can do to change that.

Michael- They've changed you. Nikita- Something better. Michael- You only think that because you can't remember what you were. Nikita- I remember. I prefer this. No needs, no fears, no desires. I used to think you were like that.

Into the Looking Glass

Madeline- You're not afraid to die, are you, Michael? Michael- No. You'll see to that.

Walter- You're actually going to cover for Michael? Birkoff- I can do it. Walter- You'll end up in an early grave. Birkoff- Thank you for the vote of confidence. Walter- Hey, now, come on, I'm actually proud of you. I'll get you your bag of goodies.

Walter- You scared? Birkoff- You can't imagine.

Nikita- Michael, I love you.

Walter- Relax, breathe. Birkoff- I think I'm going to throw up. Walter- Do it after the meet.

Michael- Can't stay here. Nikita- I know. Michael- You'll have to be stronger than that. Nikita- I'd rather die than go back now. Michael- Don't say that. Nikita- Why? Michael- Because I can't live without you.

Operations- Nikita a team player. Never thought I'd see the day.

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